Belgian Acoustical Society
Belgische Akoestische Vereniging
Association Belge des Acousticiens

Upcoming ABAV events

Date Title
17 October 2019Acoustic Day
05 September 2019FLY QUIET
21 May 2019[ABAV] general assembly
21 February 2019Measurement techniques in acoustics
24 January 2019Visit Knauf
14 November 2018Audiology Day
23 May 2018[ABAV] general assembly
21 March 20184th Acoustics Research Day
20 October 2017Visit LMS-Siemens
02 June 2017[ABAV] general assembly
26 April 2017School Acoustics Day
17 November 2016[CANCELLED] Outcomes of the ABAV WG Building Acoustics
07 October 2016ABAV 50
21 September 2016B-YAN event on 21st September
27 May 2016[ABAV] general assembly
27 April 2016ABAV Noise Awareness Event “School Acoustics
25 January 2016PhD and Young Acousticians’ Day (in collaboration with B-YAN)
27 November 2015Visite d’entreprise – Bedrijfsbezoek
02 October 2015Innovation in sound control
28 September 201542ste Hogere Cursus Akoestiek - Nieuw : attest aanvullende vorming
31 May 2015Euronoise 2015
15 October 2014Journée d’étude ABAV-studiedag : Low frequency Noise in the built environment
28 May 2014Algemene Vergadering & Vrije Mededelingen / Assemblée Générale ABAV & Communication Libres
21 February 20142nd ABAV PhD and young acousticians day
13 November 2013Journée d’étude ABAV-studiedag
29 May 2013Assemblée Générale ABAV Algemene Vergadering
06 March 2013journée d'étude / studienamiddag
03 October 2012Industrial Noise Policies
06 June 2012General Assembly and Free communications
28 March 2012Journée d’étude (Acoustique du Bâtiment) - studienamiddag (Bouwakoestiek)
23 November 2011Journée d’étude ABAV Studiedag - Multiple microphones systems
21 September 2011visit Bosal International nv (Bosal Research)
01 June 2011ABAV General Assembly
23 February 2011Journée d’étude ABAV studiedag
22 September 2010bedrijfbezoek Alara-Lukagro te Groot-Ammers (NL)
09 June 2010Algemene Vergadering ABAV / Assemblée générale ABAV
10 March 2010general assembly - communications

Upcoming OTHER events

Date Title
06 October 2016[EVENT] study day : noise barrier
19 September 20162016 edition of the ISMA/USD Conferences
05 September 2016ICA 2016
11 April 2016 13e Congrès Français d'Acoustique et le 20e colloque VIbrations, SHocks and NOise
03 February 2016AES 60th Conference on Dereverberation and Reverberation of Audio, Music, and Speech
25 September 2015[EXPO MILAN 2015] International Symposium
17 September 2015ISAAC26
09 August 2015Internoise 2015
12 July 201522nd International Congress on Sound and Vibration
16 November 2014Inter-noise 2014
15 September 2014International ISMA Noise and Vibration Engineering Conference
07 September 2014Forum Acusticum 2014
13 July 201421st International Congress on Sound and Vibration
22 June 2014The 2nd International Conference on Underwater Acoustics
01 June 2014ICBEN 2014, the 11th International Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem
10 May 20142015 International Congress on Ultrasonics
12 March 2014FP7 CargoVibes End Seminar
10 November 2013Acoustics 2013
23 June 20134th International Conference on INTEGRITY - RELIABILITY & FAILURE
02 June 201321st International Congress on Acoustics
18 March 2013EAA Euroregio (AIA-DEGA)
18 March 2013EAA Winter School in Merano
24 September 201239ste Hogere Cursus Akoestiek
17 September 2012ISMA2012 and USD2012
19 August 2012Inter-noise 2012
10 June 2012Euronoise 2012 (with GA meeting EAA)
13 May 2012Acoustics 2012 (ASA, ASC)
23 April 2012Acoustics 2012 (11e CFA, annual IOA meeting)
22 February 2012Berlin Beamforming Conference (BeBeC 2012)
26 September 201138ste Hogere Cursus Akoestiek
04 September 201140th International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering
10 July 201118th International Congress on Sound and Vibration
27 June 2011Forum Acusticum
15 September 2010EAA EUROREGIO Congress on Sound and Vibration
23 August 2010ICA 2010
18 July 201017th International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV17)
13 June 2010INTER-NOISE 2010